lundi 4 mai 2009

Spring, Lack, Sunburn, Shopping and Work

It's here, It's here!
Yes I am talking about spring and yes this country changed me in a weather freak! The last snow happened in April. And 3 weeks later, I was dreaming of my swimsuit when walking around the city: 30 degrees. Canada is like that: you never know how it's gonna be in the next few days, and everyone here will tell you "no, April, it's too early to store you winter bouts yet... ya never know hey!" (If I come back saying "hey" at the end of all my sentences, it's because I'm becoming... Canadian hey!).

But now it's May, and I believe we won't see much of the below-10-degrees anymore (I know, I'm a dreamer!). And with Spring, I decided to venture a bit further in the city, discover more unknown territory and go all the way to... THE LAKE!
Because if Toronto is built right next to a big-ass lake, doesn't mean it's a given. You have to look for it. First you have to go all the way through the business district, which is pretty boring on a Sunday afternoon as you can imagine. Then find your way below the big Gardiner Hway, and then you're there: water... I wouldn't swim in there, even if apparently you can, since it's a port, and there's an airport on a small Island right in front of the city. But there's some pretty good walk and parks around that make it like a "window for fresh air" (not that the air is bad in Toronto, it certainly doesn't feel like it). "Fresh" is the word anyway, and this bloody wind that froze me all winter is still here!

Anyway, this long walk to the lake gave me the opportunity to catch my first sunburn. And believe it or not, a sunburn in less that 4 hours walking below a sunny-yet-cloudy-weather is not usual for me, and only means how much I am white and need sunshine (with caution, yes I know...).

Besides this quite extraordinary adventure, my walks around the city give me lots of shopping opportunity. I am actually running out of storage option and starting to wonder how I am ever going to bring everything back.
Does that mean I am thinking of coming back? Well I am certainly thinking that Canada may not be the place for me (but let's see what summer has to bring before jumping to conclusion).

Work-wise (is that "English"?), things are going... slowly. I am definitely learning quite a lot in terms of Canadian and US data or advertising. The experience is great and my English improving. No doubt about that. The north-American working system is... well, quite different than the French one (well I know this is obvious but still worth mentioning). And my company especially can be quite frustrating from time to time. Things may be moving in a rear future (new colleague, new project, ... ) so let's see how it goes!

My dear sister is arriving on Friday with Jerome, Jean Marc and Sandrine. My parents are heading over here in September/October. Fleur in August. I'll be in France in June. And I'd love to plan a trip to New York some time in July. There's still plenty of time for you to drop by and give me a proper kiss! In the meantime I'll keep you posted, and I promise I'll take advantage of my visitors to post some new photos real soon.

Take Care!


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