mardi 6 janvier 2009

here I am...

It's been a week... Just enough time to get over the jet lag (at least i'm not falling asleep at 7PM everyday any more), get my immigration and working papers done, get a phone, find my way through the city center, find an appartement, get The Internet and Cable TV, buy a TV... Just enough time to get cold and get shopping for new boots and a new coat.
I have a few new challenges in my life:
- stay warm without looking like a big teddy bear wearing 5 jumpers and 6 coats
- walk around the city on heels and don't fall down in the snow
- walk around in the city and don't fall, whatever the shoes
- keep my fingers alive in the cold...

And now it's back to school, a new one though! One where they speak english all the time. But they're all nice with me over there: they mooved the whole office today to give me some room...

Here I am with my new life! And so far it's going great.

I'm back in a country where the bread fit with the square cheese, itself fitting with the slices of ham, cut in the same size. Skim milk seems to be the reference, regular milk being hidden at the back of the shelves. News on TV and dinner are at 6 PM. Take away food is every where, food in general is everywhere... Burger King is available! Small size is the equivalent of the french medium. "How're you doing" is used 300 times a day, in shops, restaurants, everywhere, wherever you talk to someone...

It's not Australia though, it's way to cold! But hey, I'm living the real winter. Now I can say that I've seen it, I've lived it... I'm living it! And I love it! (I'm not saying I could live like this forever though, just nice to see it for real).

So here it is my friends, I'm here, enjoying it even though missing you all. Photos of the appartement will come as soon as the furnitures arrive. I'm camping right now with nothing else than a thin matress, my computer and a TV ;)
You're obviously all welcome, I should have the room for you somewhere (as soon as I get furnitures)! But in the meantime if you feel like sending me a line, here are my adress and phone number:

Elise Richard
Unit 6
208 Poplar Plains rd
Toronto ON M4V-2N4

(1) 416 553 2332

More news coming soon with photos!


2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Enfin la reprise de la saison "Elise en voyage" mais je préfère la version française à la VO. Où sont les sous- titrages??? zut alors
Penses à ta chère tante qui ne maitrise pas bien l'anglais.
Je te fais de gros bisous et j'attends le prochain épisode avec impatience.
tatate momo

ptitetoile a dit…

No worries, la version francaise avec + de details arrive tout bientot...