mardi 30 décembre 2008

Extract from: - Road notes, Amsterdam 28/12/08 -

Once again, it is while waiting for a connecting flight that I start my thoughts on this new step in my life. Tired, carrying heavy bags, waiting, sad, all elements combined as a ritual. And in 12 months when I'll read those lines again... Where will I be? (...) What will be the music in my Ipod? Will The tellers still be side by side with Missy higgins, The Waifs or Tryo? And who will mark my mind, enough to make me as sad as today? What about all the people who make me sad today? And finally will I be on my way back or planning a new departure?

I have 12 months to answer those questions (or not). Little Life, what do you have to bring me that will makes stars shine a bit more? (...)
To answer those questions the right way, I will definetly have to take into account the small certainty I have today.

But finally all those people (who I miss) are here with letters or other emails... Job and life confort should also be here. And the moment for me to take some time for myself is also here. So enjoy, sit back and relax...

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