jeudi 5 mars 2009

It's been more than 2 months...

Hello you all non French speakers and English friendly fellows.

Yes It's been now more than 2 months and we are currently starting the slow process of "come on winter let it go, it's spring time now". I have to admit, living a crazy winter with
- temperatures getting down to -25 or -30
- snow storms
- leg breaking ice on the sidewalk
- ...
has been fun for 2 weeks.
The French that i am, born right next to the ocean who was hoping for snow to fall every wither and disappointed when it did not, is officially done with it now and wants to be warm again!!!

Life here has been pretty quiet: not many things happened in the winter and the idea of getting out is not something that crossed my mind to much when I was feeling warm and comfy at home. My apartment is great and I am finishing the whole decoration process. Work is going good so far, and my English slowly improving. It's one thing to be able to have a conversation in a pub and understand girly TV shows, another one to actually work in English with people who doesn't speak any other language than English and are expecting to be well served. So yes, I'm getting to the next step where I won't be lying when I'll say "completely fluent" on my resume. not quite there yet though... :-)

Toronto is a big working place. Again, I am looking forward for the weather to warm up a bit and therefore have the opportunity to go around a little bit more. There's some great area where shopping will be lots of fun.

I had the opportunity to make a quick trip to Montreal and Quebec over a month ago for work. I should be heading back there in the next few weeks hopefully. Things look pretty different over there and it's quite funny to discover the differences between French Canadian and English ones. And the French Canadian accent or expressions are just worth it by themselves.

A quick note on the Canadians to conclude. Well after being in Paris for 2 years, they obviously are much more friendly. But in general I can say that everyone has been really sweet with me, helpful also. This is a country where immigrants are coming from all over the world all the time. And you can definitely feel this multicultural environment, especially here in Toronto, perhaps even more than in Australia.

I hope life is sweet and nice for you. Australia it's time for you now to leave a bit of the heat wave to some other country, and Canada would not mind getting a bit warmer! :-)

Take care,


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Mamoune a dit…

i'm French, et j'ai presque tout compris ... Presque ... Allez on va dire le sens général ! Mais tu as raison ma Lisounette, il faut parler aussi avec le reste du Monde !